What Are They Saying?

"The EDGE is a very powerful youth ministry. We do a lot of activities and we understand that there is more to youth ministry than pizza parties and popcorn. We have prayer on Saturdays, Youth Church and classes on Sundays and a lot of heart-to-heart talks. I've learned to live pure, live saved, live for God and be different."
Marquese Averett
Columbus, GA

"The EDGE helps to show that Christian life can be fun! Since sitting under the teachings of Pastor McKinney, I've learned that prayer is the key. I've learned to seek God's face and get in His word daily. I've learned to be persistent in this, and all these things will usher me into His presence."
Ashley Lane
Smiths Station, AL

"The EDGE has encouraged me to strive to do the will of God through my adversities."
Joshua Abernathy
Columbus, GA

"Pastor McKinney's ministry has helped to make my life better than it was, because he helped me to understand how real God is and how I should take God more serious than I was. I have now become a young teenager wanting God to do mighty and powerful things in my life. His ministry also helped me to understand that it does not matter about the friends that I think I may have, but it's about the relationship that I have with Jesus, the one who died for me."
Kristin McCluney
Elberton, GA

"The EDGE has helped me to help other teens know Christ, and to be a light in the dark areas of their lives. Pastor McKinney has truly made a HUGE impact in my life by keeping me up in God, guiding me to the right path, and speaking into my life what thus saith the Lord! Some things that I still hold on to this day are: If I'm not holy and doing what God wants me to do, then I can't expect to minister to others and have an impact in their lives, and that my lifestyle has to be what I minister to others, and to cut off those that may hinder my growth in God."
Rachel Lane
Smiths Station, AL

"Wow…There's been times I thought nobody would understand or be there for me through tough times and tough decisions, but Pastor McKinney always helped me and showed me that what I've come through is only preparing me for my destiny. My spiritual father has helped me to learn more about myself and to learn what growing in God is, and that if I keep my head up, then I'll reach my destination."
Whitley McMahan
Smiths, AL

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