The following are Prophetic Words given to the saints at the True Vine Ministries church
in Columbus, Georgia. These Words were given by the Lord, with the commission
to share them with the Bride of Jesus Christ all over the world.

Many personal Words have been given to specific people for admonition and guidance.
However the focus of this web page is to share the Words that the Lord would speak
to His Bride collectively in these last days. All of them were delivered through
the Biblical order as established for the New Testament church.

    02/08/02 PM The Lord is coming back for a church having not spot, wrinkle, or blemish. God implores His people to search their hearts, and to cast off unholiness.

    11/13/01 PM Horoscopes open the door for spirits of witchcraft to enter your life. The Lord warns His people to not take this admonition lightly; but to take heed.

    11/02/01 PM Trust in the Lord, as He will remove the stumbling blocks that have hindered His people from walking in total deliverance.

    10/19/01 PM The manifest presence of God is going to be magnified greatly in the coming days. Great miracles and wonders will occur as a testimony of His presence.

    10/12/01 PM God says not to be shaken by the events that are to come in the next few weeks, months and years. But to be vigilant in prayer.

    09/25/01 PM God is seeking a people who will love Him unconditionally. His love and His word are given to us to overcome all obstacles.

    09/21/01 PM Many will stand before God in the judgement and be rejected, because of their iniquity and disregard for holiness and purity.

    09/16/01 PM Holiness is a requirement of the Lord. Only those people who are holy will be used by the Lord in the coming revival.

    09/14/01 PM It is time to get serious before the Lord. God is warning to clean out our hearts and homes as judgement is beginning in the house of the Lord.

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