Perfect Love Casts out Fear

March 1, 2005
Pastor Chris Abernathy
Columbus, Georgia

When God gives us a command, He’s letting us know that He is the ultimate one in authority. And when we begin to break the command of God, we’re breaking that designated authority, that legal authority that God has over our lives.

So there in Genesis chapter two, and verse sixteen and seventeen, God gave His first commandments to the man. And we remember in Genesis chapter three and verse six that that man disobeyed the commandment of God. He disobeyed the command of God. In other words, he was operating out of First John (glory to God) two and sixteen, “The lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.” Because if we don’t watch ourselves this will cause us to break the command of God. Amen, somebody.

God is speaking to us in these latter days, and He’s telling us that we have got to learn how to have what? Self control. God is speaking to us and telling us that the spirit of temperance, which is the fruit of the Spirit, needs to be in operation if we are going to follow the commandments of God. Give God a shout in this house tonight.

He’s speaking to us about His commandments. Glory to God. In chapter three of Genesis and verse eight the people of God hid themselves from the Presence of God. And then in verse ten they were afraid, because they found out that they were naked.

You see, when we don’t keep God’s commandment, it takes us out of the Presence of God. And a lot of us, though we are supposed to be Spirit-filled (amen), we have not been able to feel the Presence of God. A lot of times it’s because we have transgressed the Word of God. We have not been walking in the commandments and the statutes of the Lord.

Because whenever I walk in obedience to God, I’m going to feel His Presence with me. Do you hear what I’m saying tonight? Whenever I do what God tells me to do, God is going to be with me, and I don’t have to search for God, because I know that the Presence of the Lord is right there with me. Somebody give God a shout tonight. Amen, somebody.

They found out that they were naked because they did not keep the commandments of God. Whenever I come out of the Presence of God, I find myself (glory to God) not having any direction, and not having any guidance. I become uncertain, and I become unsure. And a lot of our hearts are not right. And that is the reason why we’re uncertain and unsure in this season. Yes (glory to God), we are anointed; yes, we are appointed; but we don’t know what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to us. And we found ourselves in a state of confusion, because our hearts are not following the commandment of the Lord. Give God praise in this house tonight.

God is speaking to us. You see, the Lord revealed to me that they were afraid because they saw themselves without God. You see, whenever you disobey the commandments of the Lord, you begin to see yourself without God.

You remember when you were not saved. Glory to God. You remember how you used to act, how you used to talk, how you used to walk. Glory to God. And a lot of us have come into the faith, and even though we may not be where we want to be and have what we want to have, we look back at how we used to look, and we see that we did not have God and the Presence of God in our lives. And though we’re not having what we want right now, we still don’t want to look like what we used to look like. Come on, somebody.

You see, we have got to get back into the place where we keep our hearts right. We’ve been trying to have our way for so long now that every time the wind blows we’re offended; every time somebody looks at us a certain way (glory to God) we want to leave the church. Every time somebody has something to say (glory to God) we don’t have any sticking power in the house of God.

But let me tell you something, child of God. If you follow the commandments of God, it doesn’t matter what somebody says; it doesn’t matter what they look like, because the blessing of the Lord that’s yea and amen is going to begin to operate in your life. If you want the blessing, look at your neighbor and say, “You need to follow the commandments of God.” Somebody shout, “Glory.” He’s talking to us.

He told them that, “You need to hear from Me right now.” He said, “Because I’m about to do something different in your life. And in order for Me to do something different in your life, you’ve got to hear a word from Me. You got to know what I’m saying. You got to know what I want you to do. It’s not about you no more.”

Don’t you know you’ve been in this thing long enough to have clarity and understanding that it’s not about you no more? It’s not about what you want. It’s not about what you desire. But it’s about what He wants. It’s about what He desires. Somebody needs to glorify God in this house tonight. Oh, my God, somebody. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

He’s speaking to us tonight. Because sometimes we’ve got to go back to the old landmark. We’re so busy trying to go from faith to faith and glory to glory that we forget about the beginning. We forget about what God told us at the beginning. He said, “Keep your heart right.” He said, “Keep your mind stayed on Me.” He said, “Love your brothers as you love yourself.” He said, “Love Me,” my God, “with all your heart, soul and mind and strength.” Oh, my God. Give God praise in this house tonight. If you do it, then you can’t help but to get blessed.

He was speaking to them about the commandments of God. You see, we’ve got to go back to the commandments of God. What did God say to you? What did God say to you at the beginning? Do you hear what I’m saying? Because you’re angry right now. You’re disappointed right now. You’re thinking that God is not coming through. But God is saying, “Look back at what I told you to do at the beginning, and then” my God “do the first works first, and the blessings will flow to you.” Give Him a handclap of praise tonight.

He’s speaking to us. He’s speaking to us. He’s saying, “You’ve got to follow My commandments. You’ve got to do My commandments.” We don’t talk about the commandments any more. Do you hear what I’m saying? The only thing we talk about is getting blessed. The only thing we talk about is being at the next level to be anointed, so that somebody can know our name. You don’t want to hear me tonight. But we don’t talk about the commandments, how we’re supposed to stay before God and honor God and lift Him up, my God, and love on Him, and love our neighbors and not commit adultery and not steal from our brothers. Do you hear what I’m saying?

We need to go back to yesterday. Do you hear me in the house of God? Where we used to love each other, no matter what we did. Do you hear what I’m saying? No matter what we said, we let it go. Saints don’t want to let nothing go no more. They want to hold on to grudges. Oh, I know I’m talking to somebody in this house tonight.

He’s talking to us. He’s telling us to read over the commandments again. He’s telling us, “You’re missing something.” You’re trying to go higher, but you forgot about the foundation. You’re trying to go to the next level, but your heart’s not right. Your heart’s not right. Your heart’s not right before Him. We get on the altar, and we stay in prayer, but yet our hearts are far from Him. He’s talking to us tonight.

We begin to do things out of rituals. We do things even that pastor told us to do it. But how many of you know it’s not about rituals, and it’s not about what pastor said? It’s about our hearts being right when we’re doing it.

He was talking to them about the commandments. Let me tell you something. Following the commandments of God keeps me in His Presence, and therefore, I don’t have to be afraid of the unknown. I don’t have to be afraid to walk by faith and not by sight.

You see, we have become afraid to walk by faith and not by sight. We’re afraid to step out into the unknown. Don’t you that when you step out into the unknown the Presence of the Lord is still with you?

We’re afraid. We’re trying to hide ourselves, because we know we haven’t been doing the commandments. One of the major ones we haven’t been doing is loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. We don’t love each other.

I came up to the church today and I began to pray and cry out to the Lord. And I was honest with Him. I said, “Lord, I don’t love the way I used to love, because of the trials and the tribulations that I’ve been through.” But I began to cry crocodile tears because I said, “God, I don’t want my heart like that. I don’t want cold love. I want the love of God in my heart.”

We walk around and we’re so suspicious of one another. And I’m not talking about just True Vine. I’m talking about the body of Christ at large. We’re so suspicious of one another. I said, “God, if this is it, I don’t want this.” We trust nobody. We really love nobody, because we’re afraid of what they can do to us. Regardless of what they do to you, do the commandments.

He’s taking as back to the old landmarks. See, we’ve become comfortable in our own space. You can tell by the way we sit. You can tell by the spaces between the chairs, there’s limited people in the building. And though you may not have aught against your brother or sister, there’s division. And everybody wants their own space. No one wants anybody else in their own space. The love in the body is not real any more.

How can they know that we are saved, if they can’t see the love that we have for one another? For the Bible declares that they shall know that we are saved by the love that we have for one another. Wait a minute. Who has real love? I’m talking about agape love. I’m talking about love that’s unconditional.

He took me from the commandments to talking about love, because, “This is my commandment, that you love one another.” Who in here has unconditional love, that will love their brother or sister unconditionally? Think about it. Think about it. There’s no love outside of agape. It’s not real. And that’s why He’s saying the hearts in the body of Christ are not right. Uros love and phileo love, that’s not the love of God. The love of God is agape. That means that I’m going to love you unconditionally; I don’t care what you said; I don’t care what you’ve done. My love for you won’t change.

Now I have a question. How many hearts are right? Glory to God. When you can love people unconditionally, you don’t care what they said, what they’ve done . . . For there are some of us that have been done all kinds of ways, but can you still say you love them unconditionally? Some of us don’t even love our children unconditionally. We don’t love our spouses unconditionally. Everything has a condition to it. If you treat me like this, then I’ll treat you like that. But if you treat me like that, then I’m going to treat you like that. Your love has condition. It’s time to break that stronghold, and to pull it down. It’s time to pull it down. It’s time to pull it down.

John thirteen verse thirty-four and thirty-five, he said, “A new commandment I give you, that you love one another as I have loved you. By this man will know that You are My disciples.” How are they going to know that we are His disciples if we don’t have agape love? If I don’t give you what you want, are you going to stop loving me? I don’t want no emotional love that’s just built on emotion. Because emotions are going to change. Feelings are going to change. I want you to love me with the love of the Lord, because His love doesn’t change. It won’t change, no matter what I say, and no matter what I do. I feel His Presence.

Because there’s some people in here, they need to make a change. There’s some people in the house of God that you have bitterness in you that needs to be removed. And you find yourself on a roller coaster; you’re happy today and depressed tomorrow. Happy today, depressed tomorrow. Your love is not real. Happy when the Lord blesses you, sad when there’s no blessing in sight.

You don’t really love God. That’s a hard word, but you don’t really love God. You love the things, but you don’t love God. Because if you get excited about the things that He gives you, and then when the thing is all gone, and then you’re sad again, your love is caught up in the thing.

The major commandment that He’s talking about tonight is love. It’s time to make a change.

As I prayed today, I asked the Lord, “If there be any unforgiveness in me, God, take it out of me. If there be any grudges in me, Lord, take it out of me. Take it out of me. Take it out.”

Who needs God to take something out of them tonight? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s how you know the word of the Lord is truth, when you get the answers to the questions that you ask from the ministers.

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