The Holy Ghost Our Intercessor

August 13, 2002 PM
Pastor Chris Abernathy
Columbus, Georgia

Turn with me in your Bibles to the book of Romans chapter eight. The book of Romans chapter eight. And we won’t be very long. Romans chapter eight. We’re going to look at verse twenty-six through verse twenty-eight. Romans chapter eight, verse twenty-six through verse twenty-eight.

And when you reach there, please signify by saying amen. And would you please stand for the reading of God’s Word tonight? It says,

26. Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

27. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

28. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Let us pray.

Most holy and gracious heavenly Father, we thank You for who You are and for what You do. Father, hide Your son behind the cross, that Your people would see You and not me. Father, as I decrease I ask that You would increase. Lord, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, oh Lord, my strength and my Redeemer. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

You may be seated in the house of God tonight.

In verse twenty-six it says, “Likewise the Spirit also helpeth (or aids) our infirmities.”

When we look at that word “infirmity,” it means “frailties.” So in other words the Spirit of God helps us with our frailties. Our frailties in what? In prayer? You see, even in prayer we can have weakness or frailties. And what He does is, He comes and He aids us. And He helps us, that we would be able to pray as we need to pray. Because the Bible said that we don’t know what we need to pray as we ought to pray.

You see, a lot of times when we begin to pray, in our minds, in our finite thinking, we think that we know what we need to pray for. But the Holy Spirit is there to aid us. Because the Bible says He knows what is in the mind of God. And He knows what the will of God is for our lives.

In prayer, even in prayer we are weak. Even in prayer we are frail.

As a believer we are not left to our own resources or our own supply. You see, the Holy Spirit begins to move for us. Amen? The Bible says that He makes groanings that cannot be uttered. In other words, things that this carnal mind or this natural mind cannot understand. Because if we were able to understand them, we would be able to speak them for ourselves.

The Bible says He begins to say things that we don’t understand. And if we don’t understand it, the devil don’t understand it. Come on. Talk to me tonight.

He helps us with our infirmities. He helps us with our frailties in prayer. That’s why it’s so important that we have our prayer language. It’s so important that we have our prayer language. It is not that you are not saved if you don’t speak in tongues. But it is the evidence. Glory to God. The Holy Spirit. That you have the evidence of the Holy Spirit in your life.

But it is not that you are not saved if you don’t speak in tongues. But it is to your advantage that you pray in the Spirit. Because the Spirit knows the mind and the will of God.

He helps us in prayer. He aids us with knowing the will of God.

You see, when you get down and I get down on my knees, a lot of times I reach a point when I’m there where I don’t know what else to say. Because my vocabulary is limited. Oh, my God. My vocabulary is limited. But His vocabulary is unlimited.

When He begins to pray through us and with us and for us, it may sound as if you’re saying the same thing. But see, you’re not always just saying the same thing over and over and over again. Because the things of God go past this intellect.

And to somebody else when you’re saying...(tongues)...and sounding if you’re saying the same thing over and over and over and over again. But you’re saying different things to God. You’re saying and praying different things about the will and the purpose and the plan of God in the earth.

Our vocabulary in the natural is limited. I remember hearing Creflo Dollar say, when he first started his church, he said he stayed in prayer. And all he did was walk the floor and speak in tongues. You see, because as he was walking the floor and speaking and praying in tongues, every member of his church he was in prayer for. Do you hear what I’m saying?

You see, you may not know exactly what you need to pray for, for your family and for the needs of your husband, your wife, or your children. But as you are walking the floor and praying in the Spirit, the Spirit of God knows what’s in the mind of God and the will of God for each individual person in your family.

He helps us. He aids us in our time of prayer. And with God helping us pray, how can we go wrong? See, the Holy Spirit is God, isn’t He? Now wait a minute. You mean that even in prayer you going to help me pray what I need to pray? So where is my excuse in prayer, of not knowing what to say?

When Jesus said, “I sent the Comforter in My Name, to give you guidance and direction, and to help you, to comfort you,” He meant in every aspect of your life. Even in your prayer. He will come inside of you. And He’ll begin to move on you. And He’ll make utterances that you and I cannot comprehend.

So why is there a lack of prayer a lot of times in the body of Christ? Even when we’re at the lowest of the low... See, you don’t have to worry about your mind praying when the Spirit of God is on the inside of you. See, you don’t have to worry about a heaviness on you. When people say, “I couldn’t even pray,” the devil is a lie. You can pray.

He will do the praying through you. He will strengthen you in your inner man. We need to learn how to ask the Holy Spirit to intercede for us, in accordance to God’s will.

In verse twenty-eight it says,

28. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called (or the invited) according to his purpose.

God works in all things. He doesn’t just work, you know, in isolated incidents.

See, a lot of times we think that God... Listen, listen, listen. We think that God works in just isolated incidents. But He works in all things. You see, if I cannot just... You know, I can’t just isolate things and say, “Okay, God is just going to work.” God is working in all things.

And all things that He’s working in it’s for our good. But this doesn’t mean that everything that happens to us is good. But He’s still working it together for your good.

You see, when He’s working it for your good. Listen at this. It may not be instantaneous good. But it may be for your long-range good. And in the process of Him working it for our long-range good, He is working out that longsuffering in us. That word that we don’t like. He’s working out that patience in us. Your long-range good may not feel good right now. But know that He’s working it all for your good in the long range.

God in this working together for, all things for our good. Listen. He’s not working to make us happy. You see, that’s a misconception in the body of Christ that God is trying to work to make you happy. God is working things out for your good. But it’s all for His purpose and His plan. He’s not working things out to make you happy.

The word “happy” is “blessed.” That word “blessed” means to be happy. And if you are in the body of Christ, you are blessed. And therefore there is your happiness in that you are blessed to be a part of the beloved.

See, happiness is being blessed. Now joy and happiness are two different words. The fruit of the Spirit is joy. Amen? And the Bible says that anything we ask according to His will, He hears us. So I need to... If I’m not... You know, if I need joy, I need to ask for joy. But I’m already happy because I’m blessed. Oh, my God. You don’t hear me tonight.

I’m already blessed. So in the process of Him working these things out for my good, I may still have to ask Him to help me to keep my joy, while I’m going through the process.

You see, even in the midst of the process, when Paul was going through the process, he was saying that he was going to finish his course with joy. But in the midst of it he was saying that he was persecuted. Do you hear what I’m saying? He was downcast. He was perplexed a lot of times.

But still he kept his joy. Because he stayed in the Presence of God. He said, “In My Presence is the fulness of joy.” If I stay in His Presence, no matter what I’m going through, and while He’s working it together for my good, I will keep my joy. Oh, my God.

So when a person says, “I’m unhappy,” and they’re in the body of Christ, you need to correct them. You need to say, “You’re not unhappy. Because you’re blessed. So that means you’re already happy. But you’re just allowing the devil to steal your joy.”

The Holy Spirit, He helps us in prayer. It said that He would help our frailties, our infirmities. He’ll help us. He will help you. And when you get down on your face before God and you are broken before Him, and you begin to pray, and the Spirit of God begins to pray through you, by the time you get up from there, you won’t want to get up from there. Because you’re in His Presence. You’re in His Presence.

You say, “I don’t know what to pray.” Pray in the Spirit. And a lot of people think that you can’t just begin to pray in the Spirit. You got the Holy Ghost. You can start from scratch in the Spirit. (Tongues.) You can start from scratch in the Spirit. Because it’s not according to here. It’s according to here.

The Bible says out of what? Your belly or your spirit shall flow rivers of living water. Not out of your intellect and your thinking or your soulish realm, but out of your spirit man.

That’s what we need to do.

God’s not working to make us happy.

See, those that trust in God and not this life’s treasures, they look for their security in heaven and not in earth.

You see, when you come to a point where you can say, “Alright, Lord. Ain’t nothing else I can do but praise You. Ain’t nothing else I can do but worship You.” When you learn how to accept the pain... Do you hear what I’m saying? Instead of being resentful about it.

You see, because when the Spirit of resentment comes in, you’re not flowing with the Spirit of God, but you’re flowing with the adversary. The Bible says don’t resent the devil and he’ll flee from you. The Bible says resist the devil and he will flee from you.

To resent means to be angry. And sometimes in the midst of our anger it begins to mess with our thinking. And a lot of times we think we mad with the devil. But really we mad with God. Why haven’t You come through? Why didn’t You...(tongues.) Why didn’t You do it?

And the whole time we be like, “I bind you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus. I bind you in the Name of Jesus.” Really you saying, “I bind You, Jesus, in the Name of Jesus.” In the heart. In the heart.

So in order to pray right, though there is pain from your situation, circumstance, even in your body, make sure there’s no resentment there. For God is love. And God flows with love. And therefore when I know that my heart is right, I open myself up to the Anointing of God to move for me.

But if my heart is all bitter and crazy, how am I expect God to heal me? How am I going to expect Him to deliver me and set me free? He said, “Physician, heal thyself.” But if the heart is not right, I can’t receive anything from God. Somebody needed to hear that.

Saints of God, the Holy Spirit prays with us. And He helps our frailties and our infirmities in our prayer life.

And sometimes, you know, we pray in the Name of Jesus. And the Holy Spirit and Jesus, they don’t have any jealousy against each other, because they’re the same one. But sometimes we disregard the Holy Ghost. We do.

A lot of us because He’s not the Father and Jesus, in our minds, even though we know in the Word it says that He’s God too, we treat Him a lot of times as He is not a superior part of the Godhead, like He’s an inferior part of the Godhead. Do you hear what I’m saying?

And He is the one that helps us in prayer. He is the one that’s always going to lead us to Jesus. He is going to lead us to Him, right to the throne.

So when you’re waving your hand and you’re saying, “Holy Spirit, have Your way,” let Him have His way for real. Let Him have His way. And whatever He wants to do, let Him do in you. Don’t fight with Him. Don’t battle with Him. Don’t struggle with Him. Let Him have His way. Let Him have His way.

Whatever you’re going through tonight, because you are a child of God, all things are going to work together for your good. Remember it may be long-range, but it’s still long-range good. There may be a process of waiting and being patient. But it’s going to work together for your good.

Give God a handclap of praise.

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